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AromaMist Lavender 5

Lavender Aroma Bath Oil, 5-gallon Bucket, AromaMist

Lavender 5

An aroma that can transport you to your childhood and long hot summer days, you will almost envision the fields of lavender contrasting a clear blue sky.

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  • Satisfies even the most discriminating bathers
  • Designed for the demands of a health club
  • Pure Essential Oils
  • 5-gallon stackable, semi-transparent containers with an easy to use, pour spout
  • Brings peace of mind, and emotional balance
  • Eases insomnia, depression, stress and lowers high blood pressure
  • Beneficial for asthma, bronchitis, colds, flu, coughs and sore throat
  • For use in commercial and residential steam rooms, saunas, showers, whirlpool baths and more

NOTE: Unlike most commercially distributed bath oil blends, AromaMist contains NO ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL, which is commonly used to accelerate the evaporation of the oil while emitting a harsh and unnatural smell. AromaMist is made from pure essential oil, providing greater, longer-lasting value while giving more pleasure to bathing enthusiasts.

Do not apply the product directly on the steam head, as the steam head can be dangerously hot.

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Model Lavender 5
Shipping Weight (Lbs.) 48 lbs
Height In Inches 15"
Diameter In Inches 12"