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Kohler 558-0

DTV Prompt, 3-Outlet Digital Interface


Provides independent control of up to three outlets. Suitable for multi-outlet shower or bath/shower applications.

Required Digital Three-Port Thermostatic Valve and interface mounting bracket sold separately.

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  • Surface-mount
  • Premium material construction for durability and reliability
  • Low profile design with easy clean water resistant casing
  • Large, easy to read LCD display displays time and temperature
  • Raised one touch buttons for simple and intuitive system control
  • Provides independent control of up to three outlets
  • Suitable for multi-outlet shower or bath/shower applications
  • Second interface can be added to each system for alternate locations and applications
  • Adjustable default and high limit temperature settings
  • System warm-up and pause feature
  • Duration/countdown timer feature
  • Digital interface
  • Coupler
  • 20' Cable
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Model K-558-0
Control Width 2-11/16"
Control Height 7-3/4"
Control Depth 3/4"
Required for Operation

Three-port digital thermostatic shower valve with independently controllable outlet ports, this valve is ideally suited for applications where up to three outlets are required.

Required 3-Outlet Digital Interface sold separately

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