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HEATER, 12.6KW 240/1

Finlandia K12.5G

Club Series 12.5KW Sauna Heater


The Finlandia K12.5G sauna heater is engineered for sauna rooms from 494 to 742 cubic feet (CF).

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  • 240V/1PH Operation with CX45 or F2T control with FX404 contactor
  • 208V/3PH Operation with CX45 control or F2T control with FX503 contactor
  • 24-Hour Operation with CX45 control and 24H7D time clock or F2 control with respective contactor and 24H7D time clock
  • Deluxe stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Multi-layer construction for cooler surface temperature and greater safety
  • Rocks have direct contact with electric elements to filter harsh heat
  • Manual F2T or F2 or Digital Xenio CX30 control
  • Contactor/Power unit required
  • Optional 24-Hour time clock
  • UL tested and listed
  • ETL certified
  • K12.5G sauna heater 19-7/8"w X 17"d X 27-1/2"h
  • 135 lbs Peridotite stones
  • Installation and operation manual
  • Limited warranty
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Model K12.5G
Kilowatt Rating 12.6KW
Cubic Feet
Minimum 494 CF
Maximum 742 CF
Heater Weight 60 lbs
Shipping Weight with Sauna Stones 192 lbs
Nominal Amperage
240V, Single Phase 52.7 Amps
208V, 3-Phase 34.1 Amps
Recommended Minimum Copper Wire Supply
240V, Single Phase 4 AWG
208V, 3-Phase 8 AWG
Width in Inches 19-7/8"
Depth in Inches 17"
Height in Inches 27-1/2"
Required for Operation

Add luxury and convenience to your sauna room. With its elegant touch screen design, Finlandia Xenio sauna heater controls may be surface or flush-mounted and adjust for time duration, temperature, and room lighting.

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