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Thermory No 61 Barrel Sauna

Thermory DIY Barrel Sauna Kit

No 61

4-Person premium-quality DIY Barrel Sauna Kit with front porch.

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  • Spacious 7'3" inside diameter with 24" deep Thermo-Aspen benches for the ultimate sauna bathing comfort
  • Sustainably sourced Northern European Spruce features a brushed texture, distinct knots, and consistent heartwood color
  • Chemically free thermal modification naturally enhances every board to its core
  • Unrivaled rot and moisture resistance with exceptional stability and durability
  • Superior insulating properties keep the heat in and stress and worries out
  • Intuitively engineered for simple DIY installation
  • Install in one day with no cutting required
  • Rain jacket, flooring, and exterior trim package included
  • 4-person sauna with front porch
  • 212 cubic feet
  • Install the sauna heater of your choice
  • Barrel cradles
  • Body staves
  • Wall Panels
  • Glass front door
  • Interior benches
  • Backrest staves
  • Duckboard flooring
  • Fasteners
  • Adhesive roof tape
  • Metal bands
  • Porch benches
  • Heat shield
  • Cable raceway
  • Rain jacket with trim
  • 1 year warranty
  • Installation and Operation Manual
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Total Length 7'4"
Inside Diameter 7'3" (Tall enough to stand in)
Wall/Board Thickness 1.5"
Outside Diameter 7'6"
Bench Length 5'
Bench Width 2'1"
Porch Length 1'7"
Volume 212 ft3
Waterproof No, but a rain jacket is included