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Steamist SMPF-66

6' x 6' Modular Cedar Sauna Room, Pre-Fab Series


The Steamist SMPF-66 6' x 6' Modular Cedar Sauna Room is a great addition to any home.

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  • Measures 6'D X 6'W X 7'H
  • Free-standing and self-contained
  • Require little mechanical ability to assemble
  • Can be disassembled, moved and reassembled on any hard floor
  • Pre-fabricated panels for walls and ceiling, 1-1/2" x 1-1/4" Douglas Fir
  • Fully insulated with rigid fiberglass foam core and double foil vapor heat reflecting barrier R value 11.3
  • Exterior finishing, 1/2" x 6" T&G, air cured, Western Red Cedar, with wood vent
  • Interior finishing, 1/2" x 6" air cured, T&G Western Red Cedar
  • Assembled benches, S4S, 1" x 4" air cured vertical grain Western Red Cedar to 21" wide maximum with 1/2" spaces. Bench face is in Western Red Cedar and framing is 2" x 4" Douglas Fir with 2" x 4" cross bracing. 12" O.C. boards are screwed in place with counter sunk brass screws finished with button dowels, sanded smooth on top and exposed button on the face
  • Pre-hung glass door, 24" x 80" x 3/8" thick, bronze tinted, tempered glass door, fitted with European hardware
  • Duckboard flooring, walking area only
  • Assembled heater guard rail
  • Assembled headrest/backrest
  • Interior base, ceiling, corner trim and door casing
  • SMS-80 Sauna heater
  • Igneous Finnish sauna stones, heat tested
  • Built-in control and contactor
  • Wall-mounted, vapor-proof light rated for 75 watts with satin-finish cast aluminum
  • Bi-metal thermometer
  • Wood bucket and ladle
  • Installation and operation manual
  • Manufacturer's warranty
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Model SMPF-66
Shipping Weight 875 lbs
Length 72"
Width 72"
Height 84"