About Us…

Bound by a passion for the art and science of steam and sauna bathing, our unique team of technicians, educators and Bathing Specialists is driven by a unified devotion for the advancement of steam and sauna bathing.

Almost 40 years ago, our founder, an aggressive Journeyman Plumber, installed his first steam generator in the city of Chicago, and an excitement was born that would not be denied.

Literally thousands of installations and repairs later, our group continues to amass extraordinary insight into the products we distribute, bathing environments we service and bathers we have had the pleasure to learn from.

Our unique ability to service, troubleshoot, test and repair the products we distribute affords industry professionals, general contractors, wellness facilities and architects precise and reliable data based upon years of practical, hands-on experience. Capitalizing on this strength, we employ our technical staff to examine every product we represent for certain durability and performance criteria, which includes actual field testing, to ensure the user’s absolute satisfaction.

Located in Wheeling, a Northwest suburb of Chicago, Illinois, Accurate Industries is renowned for and publishes The Book of Steam and Sauna (residential and commercial versions), which is distributed to over 18,000 plumbing wholesalers, health and wellness facilities and industry professionals. These must-have resources assemble the top manufacturers, the most innovative products and the recommended design/installation details for successful steam and sauna environments.

We invite you to rely on our website, publications and Bathing Specialists to learn the facts on how to expand your involvement with these special bathing amenities. Our goal will always be to facilitate your efforts toward enhancing and enabling the greatest bathing experiences on earth.