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AromaMist AI-5

Steam Bath Aroma Bathing System, AromaMist

Steam Bath Aroma Bathing System, AromaMist

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  • Designed and built for the toughest aromas
  • Full range of adjustability for any strength aroma
  • Installs out of sight and near steam generator
  • Wall-mounted aroma control
  • Optional aroma tank
  • Injection anti-siphon, back pressure and check valve
  • Click here for Steam Room Design Guidelines


  • Pump, 120V
  • Wall-mounted "Soft-Touch" on/off aroma switch
  • Power supply module
  • 1/2" Brass T
  • Injection valve
  • Suction foot valve and ceramic weight
  • 20' 3/8" Suction/discharge tubing
  • 10' 3/8" Vinyl priming tubing

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  • Quality Assurance
  • No Hassle Return

  • Note: When purchasing an AromaMist Aroma Bathing System, select a gallon of your favorite Aroma. If you're uncertain of which fragrance you will like, Accurate Industries recommends selecting Eucalyptus, as it is the most commonly accepted and invigorating steambathing experience available!


    Model AI-5
    Shipping Weight (Lbs.) 15 lbs
    AC Voltage 120V AC
    Phase Single Phase
    Nominal Amperage 1 Amp
    Recommended Protective Device 15 Amp
    Width In Inches 4-1/4"
    Depth In Inches 10-1/4"
    Height In Inches 6-3/4"

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