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“Steam of Life”: A Portrait of the Finnish Sauna

Posted on 22 August 2011 by Sara Schaub

Chances are that you have an idea in your head of what sauna bathing is and what sauna bathing isn’t. If you are American, you may paint the picture something like this: a sauna is a place you go to feel good physically and mentally, and if it is a public facility, you enter with [...] [...more]

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Steam Shower Wall Material Application Guidelines

Posted on 15 September 2010 by Lynda Ziemba

Tile, Stone, Marble, Glass… There are many beautiful options available when selecting wall materials for your steam shower environment. As each manufacturer may require a different application method, be sure to refer to the procedures and warranties for the product you select. [...more]

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Steam Shower Lighting

Posted on 20 February 2010 by Dave Sadowski

Lighting is an important part of a steam bathing environment and should always be considered when constructing a steam shower. Besides the obvious safety consideration, lighting allows for maximum control of steam shower visual ambiance. When on, light will reflect on the steam or airborne vapor particles creating a visually unique and pleasing rolling mist. [...more]

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‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

Posted on 22 December 2009 by Lynda Ziemba

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Every creature was steaming, even the mouse. The bathrobes were draped on the towel warmer with care, In hopes that our new sauna room soon would be there. [...more]

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