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Steam Shower Wall Material Application Guidelines

Tile, Stone, Marble, Glass… There are many beautiful options available when selecting wall materials for your steam shower environment. As each manufacturer may require a different application method, be sure to refer to the procedures and warranties for the product you select. [...more]

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Steam Shower Lighting

Lighting is an important part of a steam bathing environment and should always be considered when constructing a steam shower. Besides the obvious safety consideration, lighting allows for maximum control of steam shower visual ambiance. When on, light will reflect on the steam or airborne vapor particles creating a visually unique and pleasing rolling mist. [...more]

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Sauna Room Design Features

A sauna room is more than just wood and heat.  The key to creating the ideal sauna environment is understanding the components, allowing for the specification of most every sauna room detail including wide luxurious benches, bench skirting, wall-mounted backrests, full wood flooring, full glass doors, venting, lighting and bathing accessories.  Here is a brief overview of the available features: [...more]

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The Risks of Steam Shower Brand Loyalty

What happens when your customer wants one thing and you try to give them something different? Okay, we all know the answer to that question – they go somewhere else!  Are you prepared to lose business rather than find a way to give the customer what they want? [...more]

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Steam Shower Equipment Basics

What equipment do you REALLY need for your home steam shower?  When it comes to steam bathing, there’s no such thing as “upselling”, only enhancing and maximizing.  A steam shower is more than just a room filled with steam, it is an environment which provides dramatic health and wellbeing benefits [...more]

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120V vs. 240V Steam Generator – Does it matter?

Is there really a difference between a 120V and a 240V steam generator?  From a performance standpoint, it’s kind of like trying to jump start your 12.6V car battery with a 9V toy battery. [...more]

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Portable Steam Showers… What You Need To Know

The first step in creating your bathing environment is planning the room itself and these attractive units seem to offer all the bells and whistles without the typical construction requirements. I’ll bet you’ve watched some of the marketing videos out there. You may have even found a flattering article in some magazine. [...] [...more]

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Steam vs. Sauna – The differences

Do you L·O·V·E to take a steam shower or sauna bath? Ever wonder what the differences between a Steam Room and a Sauna Room are? Many people believe them to be one and the same or use one term for both. While many of the wonderful benefits of these environments are, indeed, the same, [...more]

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