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Steam Shower Lighting

Posted on 20 February 2010 by Dave Sadowski

Lighting is an important part of a steam bathing environment and should always be considered when constructing a steam shower. Besides the obvious safety consideration, lighting allows for maximum control of steam shower visual ambiance. When on, light will reflect on the steam or airborne vapor particles creating a visually unique and pleasing rolling mist.

Spectrum510-550A ceiling mounted light constructed of solid metal, with a glass or polycarbonate lens operating on low-voltage electric and rated for a wet environment is always recommended. Lighting is simply the easiest and most practical way to begin altering the mood of a steam shower. If possible, consider installing your steam shower fixture or fixtures on a dimmer switch located outside the bathing environment to dial in on the desired mood.

For those who desire the mood-altering effects that light variation affords, consider vapor proof mood lighting or chromotherapy to transcend the steam bathing experience.

Chromotherapy is a type of light therapy that uses color for wellbeing/holistic healing and is one of the newest trends featured in bathing environments.  Color psychology, the study of combining colors for effect, teaches us that through exposure to certain lighting, we can achieve better focus, feel more relaxed, or even rejuvenate our mind and body.

Depending on your budget or steam enclosure size, consider the addition of wall mounted, colored, or multiple light fixtures. The visual affect lighting affords a steam shower environment is simply unknown by most. Yet every individual who has driven in fog realizes the unique perspective offered by high beam, low beam and fog lights. Steam bathing is about warm soothing mist, but is also about the pleasant atmosphere, feeling, and aura lighting provides.

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