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Steam Shower Equipment Basics

Posted on 29 May 2009 by Lynda Ziemba

What equipment do you REALLY need for your home steam shower?  When it comes to steam bathing, there’s no such thing as “upselling”, only enhancing and maximizing.  A steam shower is more than just a room filled with steam, it is an environment which provides dramatic health and wellbeing benefits and the additional equipment options available enhance these benefits profoundly.

The equipment available beyond your basic operating necessities has such a huge impact on the finished steam shower that you will really kick yourself later if you don’t first learn a little bit about how they can change your life.  Understanding these options prior to selecting your equipment may also help prevent construction modifications down the line.  The following is a brief overview of this equipment and what it contributes to the finished room.

Operation – Generator and Control Package
A steam bath generator and the appropriate operating control with steam head are required for steam generator function.  However, this is like buying a TV with a rabbit ear antennae – no remote, no vcr, no dvd, no cable/satelitte/dish/etc. – are you really getting all the value from your purchase?  Consider the following essentials to get the most out of your steam shower environment.

Maintenance/Safety – Temperature Control, Automatic Drain, Drain Pan,  and Guard
To create a safe and comfortable bathing environment and a properly maintained system you should choose an operating control which allows for temperature adjustment, install a steam guard around the steam head to prevent accidental contact, have an automatic drain valve installed on the steam generator to provide routine maintenance, and place a drain pan beneath the generator for added security.

Convenience – Dual/Secondary/Remote Control
An outside the steam shower control is one of those little things that makes such a big difference (imagine not having a tv remote).  Whether you choose a dual control package, a remote-mounted secondary control, or a handheld remote, you will have the convenience of warming up the steam room without having to step inside and reach for the wall-mounted control - the bigger the room, the longer the reach.  You can even turn on the steam shower before you get out of bed in the morning!  And heaven forbid you have to run out suddenly after the room has started to fill with steam, now you will have to step into the steam filled shower to turn it off.  If you are into life’s little conveniences, this is a must-have!

Atmosphere – Aroma, Aroma Pump, Light, Mood Light, and Speaker
Aromatherapy, an aroma pump, standard lighting, mood lighting, and an audio system are critical components for creating a truly personal environment.  These are, perhaps, the most overlooked enhancements to a steam shower environment.  As you individually adjust these features, you will create a different ambiance with each change and find countless different ways to enjoy your steam shower.  Scent, sound, and color have been known throughout history to provide physiological benefits.  When added to the health and wellbeing benefits of steam bathing, as well as the absolute pleasure of relaxing in this little slice of heaven called a steam shower, you can’t beat this heat!

Imagine relaxing in your new steam shower, the lights slowly rotating through a full color spectrum, your favorite mellow tunes piped in, and a refreshing blend of essential oils floating in the steam.  Now build it!  Armed with knowledge about these features and what you really “need”, you can create a truly amazing environment which indulges your senses and enhances your life.

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