Steam & Sauna Buyer's Club


Steam and Sauna Buyer’s Club Benefits

Steam & Sauna Buyer's Club

To assure the continued success of our commercial customers, Accurate Industries provides a comprehensive array of benefits to club operators in our Steam and Sauna Buyer’s Club. The Buyer’s Club provides your business with the necessary resources and support to ensure your brand with bathing.


Buyer’s Club members benefit from our 360-degree approach to customer support and addresses every possible facet of bathing system integration for your facility. The Buyer’s Club links you to our experience and knowledge, along with our unmatched buying power and pricing. We are committed to be your single source for all things steam and sauna. The membership comes at no cost to you because we believe that we succeed when you do.


Steam and Sauna Buyer’s Club Benefits:

  • Extraordinary Discounts
  • Technical Support
  • No Restock Fees
  • Free Design Assistance
  • 3D Design Renderings
  • Discounted Construction Services
  • Year-End Rebate
  • Expansive Inventory
  • Same-Day Shipping
  • Free Aroma Bathing System