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Construction and Installation

Construction and Installation

A half-century of installing equipment and constructing commercial steam rooms and saunas has given our team tremendous insight into what makes a bathing space exceptional. Our team provides you with time-tested solution to guarantee the long and successful life of your space.


Our team works with you to understand the specific needs and requirements of your facility so that we may tailor your space precisely to your vision. Our unmatched craftsmanship and attention to detail assures the highest quality, durability, and value. The efforts of our craftsmen also focus on reducing on-site build time and minimizing its impact on your operations.


Our team provides safe and efficient equipment installation while ensuring that it can be easily maintained when needed. Each of our team members has hands-on experience with every brand and configuration of commercial steam rooms and saunas. The combination of applied experience with extensive in-house training, results in uncompromised attention to detail when installing equipment. All equipment installed by Accurate Industries conforms to all safety codes.


Accurate Industries has an established network of qualified installation professionals, the BathingPro Network, that builds and install equipment in commercial facilities across America. Each BathingPro tradesperson possesses the necessary skills to provide exceptional service each visit. To request construction, service or installation, fill out an Installation Request Form.


If you are a qualified steam and sauna service professional interested in joining our network, email for more information.