Steam & Sauna Buyer's Club

The Steam and Sauna Buyer’s Club is a group of thousands of trade, club, and spa professionals united by Accurate Industries to enhance the lives of bathers across America.


The Buyer’s Club was developed with a mission to provide each member with the necessary support to create awe-inspiring and transformative bathing spaces. Coupled with the resources of Accurate Industries, each Buyer’s Club member receives a broad range of services to guarantee that each project is completed efficiently and cost-effectively.

Health Club & Spa Professionals

Partnering with the Buyer’s Club is a commitment to providing unparalleled experiences for your member bathers and, in turn, growing your business. As a Buyer’s Club member, you benefit from our safe and time-tested approach to constructing and maintaining commercial bathing spaces.


From discounted construction services to environment design assistance and industry-leading equipment discounts, we are committed to supporting your facility operations at any capacity. Upon joining, you will also be given a free aroma bathing system to enhance your bathing space.

Buyer's Club Benefits Include: 

  • Lowest Prices

  • Same-Day Shipping

  • Technical Support

  • Year-End Rebate

  • Design Assistance

  • Schematics

  • Extensive Inventory

Trade Professionals

Thousands of homeowners and commercial facilities contact us to build and service their bathing spaces. As a Buyer’s Club member, we refer these projects to you and provide you with the resources to ensure that it is being completed exceptionally.


Beyond qualified project leads, we also offer free inspection and troubleshooting of equipment, product performance guarantees, 3D design renderings, and direct phone access to our master technicians. All efforts of the Buyer’s Club are focused on transforming your business to new heights.

Benefit from our Expertise

With incredibly valuable experience serving over 50,000 bathing spaces, there isn’t much that our team hasn’t seen. Each Buyer’s Club member is provided access to our expert team on all things steam, sauna, and enhanced bathing at any point. Our team of installers, designers, service technicians, and project managers promise to deliver you with uncompromising support aimed at ensuring your ongoing success.


Let us be your partner in changing lives through bathing. If you are a bathing professional interested in joining the Steam and Sauna Buyer’s Club, call: (800) 977-8326