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Steam Shower & Sauna Design and Construction

Design & Build Your Dream Sauna or Steam Shower

We've Specialized in Creating Superior Bathing Spaces for More than 50 Years!


Accurate Industries offers a full range of design services that will bring your steam room or sauna from concept to reality. Based on your preferences and requirements, we can provide complete visualizations of your future space, specify the ideal equipment, create complete schematics and room layouts, and much more.

Working closely with thousands of tradesmen, architects, homeowners, and health clubs over the last fifty years has allowed us to perfect bathing space design. We provide a customer-centered focus and meticulous attention to detail.

Our team collaborates with you to understand your exact needs, budget, project scope, and necessary features for your space. Once important criteria are determined, we can specify the optimal parts and equipment to maximize your bathing experience while respecting your budget.


Digital 3D Modeling

Our design group comprises expert graphic artists who can generate photo-realistic custom 3D renderings your bathing environment. Renderings offer a 360° preview of your steam bath or sauna before construction begins, saving you time and money.


At Accurate Industries, we believe that beauty is in the details. Our team focuses on the minute details in your design including floor dimensions, heights of ceiling and walls, and room measurements.


Our team is trained in the most advanced design software programs, allowing our customers to benefit from the latest developments in 3D digital modeling.


Complete Visualizations

We can deliver detailed floor plans, comprehensive diagrams, outlines, and schematics per your specifications. Our wide range of design services enables us to support all phases of your project.


After designs are finalized, our build team can construct your space with the same uncompromising level of detail and focus.


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