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Design & Specification

Design and Specification

Whether you are looking to renovate an existing bathing space or construct a new one, Accurate Industries can support you at every level you require. Our team of bathing experts can provide you with complete visualizations of your future space, specify equipment, provide complete schematics, environment construction, and much more to ensure that your vision and expectations are realized.


Our team works closely with you and your business to understand project scope, room dimensions, features, and budget. Once these are determined, we move forward to provide you with blueprints and a detailed visualization of the bathing space. Our graphic artists can also generate realistic 3D renderings of your space so that you may view the finished room prior to its construction.


Our half-century working with club operators has provided us with tremendous insight into club and spa operations. Our team of dedicated account managers, designers, engineers, and technicians has crafted unparalleled commercial bathing spaces for the nation’s leading commercial wellness centers, combining unmatched beauty with exceptional functionality.


To ensure the performance of your bathing space and simplify the tasks of your facility operator, Accurate Industries creates a unique customer profile that details your system so that we are always prepared to serve you and have the correct parts and equipment on hand.


To learn more about our design services, call: (800) 977-8326.