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Equipment Specifications


We understand that each project is different, which is why our team of bathing experts is available to contact at any point to help meet your specific project requirements. Our team leverages tremendous experience to ensure your project is completed cost-effectively and efficiently.


Rely on decades of accumulated knowledge from our project managers, technicians, and the rest of our expert staff to help you find the perfect equipment for your next project. Operating and maintaining a wide range of residential and commercial equipment has given our team tremendous insight into the equipment that trades professionals use every day. Simply put, we understand the science behind creating the perfect bathing space and can ensure your project is specified for optimal performance.


Dealing with every type of bathing equipment allows our experts to provide the most accurate information, in turn saving you time and money. We cover essential criteria such as mechanical performance, maintenance, reliability, and troubleshooting to make sure you have the exact product you are looking for. Our technical bathing specialists are available to specify all design and equipment details for your project at any point.