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Accurate Industries takes pride in providing a holistic 360-degree approach to assisting trades professionals. Whether you require design assistance, project specifications, or any other support for your project, our team of bathing enthusiasts can assist you at any level required. We achieve this by understanding our client goals and providing clear and direct communication throughout the duration of each project. Our team has decades of experience working with trade professionals to ensure you are getting the best support possible.


To ensure the success of your business, consider joining our Steam and Sauna Buyer’s Club. The Buyer’s Club was developed by our team to help trades professionals advance their brand. As a Buyer’s Club member, you will receive numerous benefits such as low prices, project leads, and technical support at no cost. To become a member, click here. Below are some of the many benefits that Accurate Industries and the Steam and Sauna Buyer’s Club can provide for you and your business.



At Accurate Industries, we believe that providing exceptional support is paramount to our success as a company. Rely on the personal assistance of our experienced specialists to assist you at any point during your project. Whether you have questions regarding equipment ordering, installation, order tracking, or any other inquiries, our team is available to contact daily. 


Design Assistance

Once the details and specifications of your project are determined, our team of technical specialists can provide visualizations for you. Our expert designers specialize in creating blueprints and realistic 3D renderings of bathing spaces. When needed, our staff will produce a rendition of the space from multiple angles, complete with all the essential components of your room.



We stock an expansive inventory of bathing products in our 56,000 square-foot distribution center. We offer thousands of steam, sauna, shower equipment, and parts to ensure that you can find the necessary products for your project. Not only do we offer high-quality products, we also provide the best price with industry-leading discounts.


Project Leads

As a Buyer’s Club member, you will receive qualified project leads in your area at no cost. Thousands of homeowners and commercial facilities contact us for the service repair, and installation of their bathing spaces. We refer these projects to you and work with you through the duration of the job to ensure you have all the necessary materials and support.



Save time and money on your next project by relying on the expertise of our technical bathing specialists. Our team has experience dealing with every bathing product to ensure you are getting the most accurate information possible. Our team is readily available to specify all design and equipment details for you at any point. 


Same-Day Shipping

We understand how important deadlines are for many projects, which is why we offer free, same-day shipping. Shop comfortably knowing that all products will be shipped to you in a timely manner and that the prices you see are all that you will have to pay.



Partnering with the Steam & Sauna Buyer’s Club means that you will be due a year-end-rebate towards future purchases at Accurate industries.

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