Steam & Sauna Buyer's Club


360 Degree Support for Home Bathers


At Accurate Industries, our goal is to be the one-stop source from start to finish for all our customers’ home bathing needs. Our expert team combines a passion to advance bathing with years of hands-on experience with every home bathing product to ensure you are getting the best service possible. Our teammates work together to make sure that we provide you with the most comprehensive and dependable solutions to any questions. We strive to offer industry-leading education, distribution, installation, and service to create the most amazing bathing experiences possible.


We prioritize providing a 360-degree approach to cover you at whatever level of involvement you desire. From your very first contact with Accurate Industries through the successful completion of your home project, you are assigned a personal project coordinator to answer any inquiries. Whether you are looking for product pricing, technical assistance, renderings of your space, installation, specification, or any other form of support, our team of specialists is eager to assist you in any way.


Nationwide Service

Homeowners across the country rely on our established Bathing Pro Network of skilled technicians for the repair, installation, and maintenance of steam room and sauna equipment. Accurate Industries partners with these like-minded affiliates to join our network and provide service to homes and commercial facilities in your local area. Each Bathing Pro Network member has been pre-qualified by our technical service team and demonstrate the skills necessary to provide exceptional service.


Design and Technical Assistance

Decades of diverse experience and expertise from our team members ensures you are getting the most accurate technical information. Our team of expert project coordinators and technicians take pride in their ability to provide world class support and solutions to each individual customer. Shop knowing that when any questions about your home bathing space arise, we will have the answer.


Once details and budget of your home bathing environment are approved, our team of expert designers can work with you to complete drawings of your desired space. Our team specializes in creating blueprints, complete drawings, and realistic 3D renderings of steam rooms, saunas, and bathing environments. Renderings provide you with the ability to view numerous possibilities and components within your space before it is constructed.



Partnerships with leading, established manufacturers means that our customers know what they are getting when purchasing from us. We stock thousands of sauna, steam, and bathing products for any residential bathing application in our 56,000 square foot distribution center. Our technical staff examines each product for certain durability and performance criteria to guarantee the optimal bathing experience.


Industry-Leading Discounts

Shop comfortably with Accurate Industries knowing that you are getting the very best price and value available on all equipment for your bathing space. We want to ensure that you are not paying a single penny more than you should be. If you see a lower price from a local store or web-based retailer of the same item we have in stock, bring it to our attention and we will gladly adjust your price.


Construction and Installation

Ensure the high quality of your home bathing space for years to come by trusting our team of service professionals. Accurate Industries has been involved in the servicing of steam room, sauna, and bathing equipment for a half-century. Our team of expert service technicians have amassed years of valuable knowledge repairing, constructing, and renovating the most spectacular bathing environments.