Steam & Sauna Buyer's Club



Accurate Industries has repaired over 50,000 steam and sauna products nationwide over the last half-century. Our unmatched knowledge of residential and commercial bathing systems means that we are uniquely qualified to ensure the safety, longevity, and optimal performance of your equipment.


Your Repair Experts

We understand the importance of having your bathing equipment running optimally. Our expert technicians will have your equipment running with minimal downtime.


Our technicians possess hands-on experience with every steam room and sauna product manufactured. We provide our team with ongoing training to ensure that they are kept up to date with all relevant industry standards, practices, and techniques.


In addition to on-site repairs, we offer in-shop repair services so that our technical experts can examine and repair your equipment at our facility.


Accurate Industries offers a variety of regularly scheduled maintenance programs to help uncover any potential issues within your bathing space before they occur.


To request repair of your steam shower or sauna equipment, fill out a Service Request Form and a bathing specialist will provide assistance. You may also reach us by email at: or by phone at (800) 977-8326.