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Sauna Wood

Sauna Wood

For over 50 years, Accurate Industries has specialized in the highest quality sauna environments. Our 60,000 sq-ft. sauna distribution center stocks a complete selection of premium quality sauna wood for fast shipping. We stock everything you need for custom walls, ceilings, floors, benches, skirts, & trim.

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Western Red Cedar

Beyond its incredible natural beauty, western red cedar is ideal for sauna benches and interiors because it remains comfortable to the touch in extreme heat, doesn’t secrete resin, and is naturally water repellent. Red cedar is known for its fragrant aroma and its gorgeous warm reddish hues.

Western Hemlock

Western hemlock is a strong, straightgrained, knot-free wood that does not warp or secrete resin. These qualities, along with its consistent light buff color make it perfectly suited for saunas. In addition to its durability, hemlock is fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic and radiates heat evenly.

We inspect it all!

Our team is committed to quality control. We reject hundreds of items each year that don’t pass our quality control processes. Our staff opens, inspects and tags every item we ship in our commitment to absolute satisfaction. Shop comfortably knowing that, if it comes from us, it will be perfect!