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Steam Shower Wall Material Application Guidelines

Tile, Stone, Marble, Glass… There are many beautiful options available when selecting wall materials for your steam shower environment. As each manufacturer may require a different application method, be sure to refer to the procedures and warranties for the product you select. [...more]

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Why Do We Put Water On Sauna Rocks?

Water on the sauna rocks has been a traditional part of the sauna experience for at least 1500 years.  The bather would go into the sauna with soap and water for a cleansing experience.  An attendant might be standing by to throw water on the rocks with a dipper [...more]

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120V vs. 240V Steam Generator – Does it matter?

Is there really a difference between a 120V and a 240V steam generator?  From a performance standpoint, it’s kind of like trying to jump start your 12.6V car battery with a 9V toy battery. [...more]

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