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The Risks of Steam Shower Brand Loyalty

Posted on 24 October 2009 by Lynda Ziemba

What happens when your customer wants one thing and you try to give them something different? Okay, we all know the answer to that question – they go somewhere else!  Are you prepared to lose business rather than find a way to give the customer what they want?

The potential for losing customer referrals or getting negative customer feedback from a steam install that leaves a customer feeling manipulated or unhappy is far greater than losing business outright. Negative feedback can have long lasting effects, especially in this electronic age.  More and more people are looking to websites for information on their prospective contractor and customer feedback is being held at an all time high.

Today’s customer has done countless hours of product research on the web.  When your customer has decided that they want to install “brand A’s” steam generator in their shower but you push them toward the brand you are familiar with, you run the risk of leaving them with the feeling that you A) are not fully experienced; B) don’t trust their research; or C) have your own agenda.  None of these is going to get you a glowing referral.  So how do you deal with a customer who wants something that you are unfamiliar with or wants a steam room that is not your idea of optimal?

The easy answer is to call Accurate Industries who will help you with the requested equipment, size it for you, educate you on the differences, and provide support from the initial inquiry to the completion of your project.  When you can knowingly discuss the pros and cons of their choice, your customer gets the satisfaction of making an informed product choice even if you need to change the brand. This tells the customer that you are able and willing to build the room that they envision and that you have their best interests in mind. They will view you as an expert and will be sure to tell all their friends when they show off their new steam shower environment.

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