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Sauna Sanctuaries – What’s HOT…and What’s NOT!

Enveloping warmth and rich, indulgent wood are the calming ingredients that make sauna sanctuaries irresistible to bathing members… ease of installation and low-maintenance make them the natural choice for most every wellness facility…and inattention and neglect can make them the most undesirable, undervalued amenity offered. [...more]

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Invigorating Steam Rooms – What Members Crave!

For its ambiance, revitalizing warmth and blanketing mist, steam bathing remains the most sought-after club bathing experience available. Capitalizing on the wellness bathing trend, health facilities are taking notice and devoting attention to steam room appeal. Consider the following cost-effective ways to satisfy “member cravings” and offer amazing bathing experiences! [...more]

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Enhance Members’ Steam and Sauna Experiences

It’s a fact that most members develop an attraction to steam and sauna bathing at their health clubs. Are you doing your part as an ambassador of steam and sauna? The reality is, most commercial steam and sauna rooms operate inadequately, and health clubs offer little to promote these bathing marvels. [...more]

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