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Enhance Members’ Steam and Sauna Experiences

Posted on 01 October 2007 by Dave Sadowski

It’s a fact that most members develop an attraction to steam and sauna bathing at their health clubs. Are you doing your part as an ambassador of steam and sauna? The reality is, most commercial steam and sauna rooms operate inadequately, and health clubs offer little to promote these bathing marvels. If your members aren’t raving about the value that your steam and sauna environments contribute to their lives, attention should be devoted to change.

Become recognized for pleasant, relaxing and energizing bathing environments in your club! How? Consider the following approaches:

Change perspective: Appreciate and care for these environments, and your staff and members’ opinions will reflect the same. Try bathing in your steam or sauna room. Workout, shower, and enter the environment as a member would. Once seated, close your eyes as the soothing heat penetrates your fatigued muscles. Relax and unwind as you escape the pressure and stress of day-to-day life. When your 10-minute vacation ends, take a cold shower and jumpstart your re-entry into reality. You will soon discover that after a physical workout, a warm, cleansing sweat is the perfect prescription for recovery!

Enhance appeal: How was your bathing experience? Was the environment clean or dirty; inviting or unappealing? Did it smell fragrant or foul? Was it warm or too hot; misty or clear? Finally, did it appear to be cared for, or neglected? If members are tossing water at room sensors, tampering with equipment or bringing in their own aroma fragrances, you should take the hint. It’s time to take corrective action by enhancing the appearance, fragrance and operation of these environments in your club.

Promote use: That’s right, talk positively about your club’s steam and sauna environments. Show concern for their operation and encourage their use. When orienting new members, talk proudly while educating prospective users on the benefi ts and unique differences that your bathing environments have to offer.

Steam and sauna bathing are gaining popularity and bathers are searching for health facilities committed to enhancing their appeal.  Assess your role as a steam and sauna advocate and promote exceptional bathing experiences. Members will thank you as they add pep to their step and breathe more easily throughout each day.

published in Club Solutions magazine

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