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Invigorating Steam Rooms – What Members Crave!

Posted on 01 November 2007 by Dave Sadowski

For its ambiance, revitalizing warmth and blanketing mist, steam bathing remains the most sought-after club bathing experience available.

Capitalizing on the wellness bathing trend, health facilities are taking notice and devoting attention to steam room appeal. Consider the following cost-effective ways to satisfy “member cravings” and offer amazing bathing experiences!

Fresh Smelling Steam
Sounds simple…and it is! The perception of unsanitary steam rooms is the number one reason members overlook this bathing marvel and head straight for the showers. Try the following two-step approach:
Step 1. Implement nightly cleaning procedures with a specially formulated steam room cleanser. Designed to disinfect and deodorize tile, grout and caulk, a steam room cleaner is non-abrasive and will not harm fixtures or related construction materials.
Step 2. Revitalize your steam room with an automated aroma delivery system. Simple to install, and located near the steam generator, this pump mists a eucalyptus/menthol blend into the steam line to be whisked away – blending naturally with the steam, and delivering a clean and aromatic bathing experience. There’s no spray bottle, mess or waste. Your members will thank you as they breathe easily throughout their day!

Thick, Rich, Foggy Steam
“Where’s the steam?” is perhaps the most under-reported steam room frustration. Savvy bathers teach others their “cure” by tossing cool water at the temperature sensor. Soon, all bathers learn to trick the system and enjoy steam “on command.” Mist and heat are bountiful in successful steam rooms. The calming hiss from the steam reassures bathers that it’s time to relax. The key to ever-present fog involves a calibration process aimed at reducing the period of time that steam is not actively entering the environment. Depending on the type of steam generator system, and an ideal temperature sensor location, a steam-throttling valve or an electronic room temperature control may be the cure.

When designing a steam environment, or specifying equipment to satisfy your facility’s unique operational objectives, the guidance of commercial steam bath professionals is paramount to your success.  Dedicate time to research your equipment. When specified, designed and installed properly, a steam room environment affords both avid bathers and club operators immeasurable benefi ts. Please visit for more information.

published in Club Solutions magazine

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