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Restore Your Sauna and Member Satisfaction

Deterioration of a sauna room happens gradually. So slowly, that operators may tolerate the damage until it is obvious. Sweat, dirt and the affects of heat, destroy the once immaculate wood and bather satisfaction. Members act out by disrespecting the space or avoiding it completely. The Sauna that was once a key component to member satisfaction and retention is no longer inviting.

America's Steam and Sauna Authority

Accurate Industries possesses the unique combination of talent, desire, knowledge, and ability to resurrect sauna environments with unparalleled results. Nearly a half century focus on sauna bathing has made us the leading authority on sauna design, outfitting, and construction. Contact our Project Coordinator staff for a complimentary consultation, and you will immediately realize why Accurate Industries is the right partner for your project. From planning to design to construction, we will work with you to exceed your expectations and ensure that your membership relishes in years of truly inspired bathing pleasure.